The building permit process will start once we agree on the professional fees. Formal fee proposals are sent out twice a week after the plans are emailed and an estimated construction cost is provided.

After appointment by the owner, the applicant is then advised on matters relating to the building permit process, commencing with the relevant information and request of the following forms:

Application Form
• Owner agreement form
• Copy of title with plan of land
• Design plans
• Engineering (if applicable)

Once the job is loaded, the building surveyors will endeavour to check the application as soon as possible (typically a week). The applicant can then expect a checklist report, addressing compliance and the requirements to satisfy the building permit.

Our checklist will typically address compliance relating to Part 5 siting, town planning, protection work notices, engineering, energy efficiency, partial compliance. etc.
Along the way we consider all matter of issues (such as performance solutions, report and consents, acceptance of partial compliance) that are fully documented for the building permit issue.

Once all items on the checklist report are met and relevant documents are provided the permit will be issued (usually within 48 hours) and your project can commence.