Red Textas is a well-established and reliable building surveying team specialising in issuing building permits and carrying out building inspections across Victoria.

With over 25 years’ experience we look back with fondness at many wonderful clients and great building projects that we have been involved with.

Keeping pace with the building legislation changes and developing our business to effectively manage the increasing level of building projects has been the major challenge.  The focus has always been to develop a responsive and reliable team of building surveyors, building inspectors and capable administration personnel.

“The move to the current Brighton office and the introduction of an electronic building permit system have both been a great success to the business.”

This has translated to providing great benefit to our clients (whether this be by addressing problems that occur on site, contributing to design production with regulatory feedback or simply issuing a building permit without the red tape).

The move to the current Brighton office  and the introduction of an electronic building permit system have both been a great success to the business.  This has allowed us to expand our network of architect and builders alike.  It has also taken us to all corners of Melbourne and many Country rural regions.

The building permit ‘turnaround time’ has been the other benefit, with the fast delivery of information.

We are committed to taking professional responsibility for each and every job we take on.  This extends to our statutory role as the building surveyor and being efficient.

Our building surveyors work closely with one another and with our building inspectors.  We take an active role in preparing detailed checklist reports and providing an early ‘heads up’ to clients regarding a building design.

Our building inspection staff are all  very committed, hardworking  and experienced.  We get most feedback here as we seldom rely on sub-contractors and always endeavour to assist the builder.

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